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Phillip Im


Just call me the girl on Lexington Ave 
by Phillip Im (July 17th 2014) 

Inaudibly” by Phillip Im

July 14th, 2014

"You’re the most beautiful" 
by Phillip Im

To the woman who doesn’t realize
she’s the most lovely on earth. 

This is how teenagers dated in the 1950’s 

June 28th, Saturday’s reflection.
"I’m sorry," by Phillip Im


Christopher Wallace would have celebrated his 42th Birthday today.
Happy Birthday, Biggie! We miss you!

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Heard you talking shit

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What Is A Dream.



A lot has happened since first explosive post on brilliant Tumblr blog WISF (also featured in the latest edition of WeTheUrban) and as the blog continues to grow we see many new awe-inspiring matches continue to pour out week by week! Peep more after the jump:

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My Nujabes Collection.

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